We provide complete manpower solutions for both skilled and semi-skilled workers taking care of all statutory compliances required. Our manpower outsourcing services enables enterprises to concentrate on its core business and not get entangled in problematic HR issues. Over the last 3 decades, we have been privileged to provide reliable security solutions and other support staff to a variety of organizations ranging from multinationals, corporate, government companies to export houses and NGO’s etc. The variety of client base brings with it a variety of challenges, and we have been able to stand up to the challenges all throughout and we shall continue to do so.

We have a strong presence in the whole of North India including Delhi, U.P, Gurgaon, Noida, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified Company with PF & ESI Code No. DL/8640 & 11-13927 respectively.

Challenges for the Industry

Many people wonder why staffing consultants like us should even exist. The truth is that the Indian scenario needs companies like us to sustain and concentrate on their main business activities. The reason we play an indispensable role is because of the following reasons:

To reduce the recruitment cost in high attrition scenario

As the Indian economy grew, the employment market grew with it. Consequently, employees have ample opportunities for employment today. This gives rises to high attrition rates and instability. Invariably, the attrition ends up hurting the employer more than the employee as costs associated with it are huge. The leg work of the company associated with screening and hiring new employees expends vast resources. This is where we play a vital role by reducing the number of vacancies and the costs associated with it.

To comply with the complicated labor law framework in India

The Labor law framework in India is considered to be one of the most complicated and rigid in the world. This is because it has not been amended since the British rule in the 1940’s. This has been a hindrance in the growth of many organizations as they fail to understand and act as per the laws. This when coupled with a judicial system that is very slow in decision making, magnifies the problem. We being professionals understand the laws and assist our clients in understanding the law and complying with them. This includes paying minimum wages to the employees based on the state regulations. Other statutory compliances like PF, ESI, Shop & Establishment Act, Factory Act etc are other prominent central acts that need attention.

To reduce "bench strength" and control fixed costs

In some industries, the nature of business is cyclic and workforce needs depend on the same. Hence, a concept called ‘temp staffing’ has been catching up. It basically means that staff is augmented only when the need arises through third party staffing. Here, staffing needs are outsourced to companies like ours so that clients do not have to bear additional staffing costs during down time. It results in cost savings and improved efficiency as well.

Matching the Resources to Profiles

Our role starts with identifying the right talent for the right setting and delivering the best possible solution. We have also built a large database of workforce for various positions and roles to draw from. We have developed advisory techniques to assist our clients on the staffing requirements and how to go about fulfilling them.

Simplifying the management processes

We understand that our success lies in working in close relationship with our clients. We need to align our goals and systems to suit the client and simplify the management process. We work on flexible terms and acclimatize ourselves to simplify our client’s processes and management.