Cash Management Services

Transfer of cash and other valuables between different locations is a critical security decision for various organizations. As the risk sensitivity involved is high, cash transit can only be conducted by thorough professional approach along with deep understanding of the security arrangements. Cash is the lifeline of any business and transporting it is a difficult task. Organizations having high involvement of cash spend a lot of resources in managing and securitizing cash. Some of the risks that are associated with carrying cash are:

  • Theft/Fraud
  • Financial Risk
  • Technology Risk
  • Human Error
  • Productivity Risk

We offer to be service delivery partners for managing and transferring cash while mitigating risks by placing proper safeguards and controls at one third of the cost. We offer highly customized cash in transit/cash handling solutions for various establishments like government institutions, Toll collection centers, Banks, Retail Chains etc. Our infrastructure includes a fleet of armored cash vehicles and strong locking arrangements aided by effective supervisory systems.

Service Highlights

  • Experienced professionals with distinct careers in cash-in-transit industry
  • Armored Vehicles fabricated as per RBI guidelines
  • Secure vaulting and storing Arrangements
  • Reliable cash counting and sorting arrangements
  • Secured/Insured transfer of cash
  • Expertise in handling multi point pick-ups and deposits/drop offs