A Case Study on Contingency Management


A very well-known financial services company with more than 15 Billion Dollars’ worth of Assets under management.


We overtook complete responsibility of the payroll management including subjects like PF and ESI compliance for more than 7000 employees.


1) Proper statutory compliance was missing.

2) Pay Structures was not as per the laws and needed restructuring.

3) More than 1000 PF claims were pending.

4) TIC cards were not being handed to the employees on a timely basis

5) Returns were not being filed on time.

6) Employees were discontent because of their concerns were not taken care of.


We completely understood the client’s requirement and approached the problem from grass root level in the following ways:

  • First, we attended the pending claims and made sure that they were sorted at the earliest. This was done by maintaining continuous liaison and follow up with the concerned PF offices.
  • The pay structure was reorganized keeping in mind the statutory laws.
  • The TIC’s were processed on time and dispatched to the employees at respective locations. This enabled the employees to get timely treatments when needed.
  • We introduced a query management system wherein the employees could call or e-mail to know the status of their claims. Hundreds of queries were attended to everyday promptly. This proved to be a great initiative as the employee morale was boosted.
  • We also educated the HR personnel in the organization regarding the various statutory requirements like and why they should be complied with promptly and accurately.


We restructured the processes and streamlined the entire HR department to increase the efficiency. The pending claims were almost reduced to nil. The client was satisfied and saved a lot of resources by least involvement of in house employees.