A Case Study on Streamlining HR Activities


A world renowned 5 star hotel chain.

Problem Statement

The contractual manpower was posing problems for the client because of non-payment of wages and other dues on time. Discontentment among the workers and management was on the rise. Later, it was determined that the contractor was carrying out certain malpractices which prevented the workers to get their dues. That contractor was ousted and we were called to streamline the systems. In addition to this, the service quality was not acceptable.

Our Approach

  • We educated the workers on their rights and responsibilities and gained their confidence.
  •  In addition to this, we also streamlined the payment process by making it more transparent.
  •  Payments were made through bank transfers or cheques and the dues like PF and ESI were deposited on time.
  • PF withdrawals cases were attended to with immediate action.
  • In case of a medical problem, employees were referred to the ESI hospital immediately.


Management and the workers were relieved. We gained more business from this client and have maintained a strong association till date.