Liasioning Services

Maintaining a healthy liaison with the government authorities is very important for an organization to ensure smooth processes of the HR Functions. We provide liasioning services for PF withdrawals, claims and other requirements like Licensing for Factories, Labor Licenses on the back of strong network we have established in government departments through our experience and goodwill. Our clients relax while we stay at the forefront and conduct business for them.

Comprehensive Statutory Audits

Forming systems and processes is one thing while implementing them accurately and properly is another. It is very important that periodical statutory audits are carried out by the management to check whether HR Practices are being followed or not. We also conduct auditing services for organizations to ensure that the Labor Laws are complied with promptly. We conduct detailed and comprehensive statutory audits for areas like:

Contract Labor Regulations

  • Checking the Registration Documents
  • Auditing Wage Register as per Form XVIII
  • Auditing Overtime Register as per Form XXIII
  • Auditing Register of Workmen employed by contractor

Minimum Wages Compliance

  • Muster Roll Form V
  • Checking whether the employees are paid by the 7th of each month
  • Register of Salary Form F-X
  • Wage Slips as per form XVIII

Bonus Payments

  • Checking Bonus Payment Register

Provident Fund

  • Auditing PF Returns-Form 3A and 6A
  • Checking Eligibility Register
  • Checking Monthly Challans

Employee State Insurance

  • Verifying whether ESI Cards are handed over to employees
  • Checking Bi-Annual Returns
  • Checking Monthly Challans